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Ambertruck Work: another Russified “Chinese” enters the market, price announced

Under the name Ambertruck Work, the Chinese mid-size frame pickup truck JMC Yuhu/Vigus with a double-row cab is not too carefully hidden, it is produced by the Kaliningrad plant Avtotor .

In August last year, Avtotor announced the localization and launch of another Chinese brand in Russia – JMC, however, due to JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation) ties with the American company Ford and the resulting sanctions risks, the use of the JMC brand in Russia had to be abandoned. Instead, Avtotor launched its own brand Ambertruck in February of this year, under which, however, not only the renamed JMC commercial vehicles are sold, but also the 12-ton Naveco C500 cabover truck, its Kaliningrad clone is called Ambertruck SM. In turn, the 3.5-ton JMC Carrying cabover truck was renamed Ambertruck JL, and the JMC Conquer cabover truck with a gross weight of 5.5 tons to 9.4 tons was renamed Ambertruck JM. Well, the youngest pickup truck in the range is now called Ambertruck Work.

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The original JMC Yuhu pickup truck (export name – JMC Vigus) has been produced in China since 2012, so you shouldn’t be surprised by its rather old-fashioned design, despite the fact that Avtotor localized a fairly recent version of the 2022 model. In terms of technology, the Ambertruck Work is a bastion of conservatism: a frame, a front independent torsion bar suspension on double wishbones, a rear solid axle on springs and a part-time all-wheel drive with a rigidly connected front axle and a reduction gear (2.48) in the transfer case. The transfer case modes are activated by a rotating washer to the left of the steering column, and the rear differential is equipped with a lock. The engine is a 2.5-liter 4D25 turbodiesel, its maximum output is 128 hp. and 310 Nm. Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission only, automatic is not provided.

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Overall length of Ambertruck Work is 5345 mm, width is 1828 mm, height is 1782 mm, wheelbase is 3085 mm. Ground clearance – 200 mm, approach angle – 26 degrees, departure angle – 22 degrees, ramp angle – 18.5 degrees, fording depth – 450 mm. Curb weight – 1925 kg, load capacity – 872 kg. The useful length of the body is 1425 mm, width is 1425 mm, height to the edge of the side is 500 mm. Standard tire size is 245/70 R 16. Fuel tank volume is 64 l.

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Ambertruck Work is produced and sold in the only fixed “Standard” configuration, which includes two front airbags, ESC (stabilization system), air conditioning, pre-heater, adjustable steering column, leatherette upholstery, 10-inch multimedia screen, USB port, fog lights, rear parking sensors, roll bar in the body and alloy wheels.

A pickup truck produced in 2023 costs 2,599,000 rubles (this price will be valid until the end of July), a more recent Ambertruck Work produced in 2024 will cost 2,999,000 rubles.


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