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Scientists have detected a strange repeating signal from space

MOSCOW, June 10 Australian scientists have recorded a strange repeating signal from space, which, according to their assumption, may come from an unusual neutron star, follows from an article in the Conversation publication.
“We recently discovered a radio transient that is unlike anything astronomers have encountered before. Not only does it have a cycle lasting almost an hour (the longest ever observed), but over the course of several observations we have seen it sometimes emits long, bright flashes, sometimes fast and weak pulses, and sometimes it emits nothing at all,” write researchers Manisha Caleb and Emil Lenk.

They explained that the signal was recorded by a telescope in Western Australia.

According to scientists, it is already known that similar signals can come from neutron stars, but it is believed that their cycle cannot be so long. And although the main “suspect” remains a neutron star, the source of the signal could also be a white dwarf star, astronomers added.
The full results of the study are published in Nature Astronomy.


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