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The general revealed unknown details of the forced march to Pristina

MOSCOW, June 12 NATO was publicly outraged by the forced march Russian peacekeepers to Pristina in June 1999, but behind the scenes they said something completely different, said State Duma deputy, Colonel General Viktor Zavarzin, who led a column of paratroopers during the operation.
On the night of June 11-12, 1999, a combined battalion of Russian paratroopers, who was part of the international peacekeeping contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the first to enter the territory of the Serbian autonomous region of Kosovo and Metohija, occupying a strategically important facility – the Slatina airfield – and several hours ahead of tank columns of NATO troops. After this, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution No. 1244, on the basis of a decree of the President of Russia and in accordance with the “Agreed Points of Russian Participation in the KFOR Forces” signed by the Ministers of Defense of the Russian Federation and the United States (June 18, 1999, Helsinki), a decision was made to send military contingent of the Russian Armed Forces in Kosovo.
Commander of NATO forces in the Balkans, General Michael Jackson and Russian General Viktor Zavarzin at Pristina airport < br>

“When I returned to Brussels again as the chief representative of Russia, I saw how frightened the NATO members were. Publicly they were indignant, but behind the scenes at the meeting they tried to almost shake my hand and said: “Victor, you Well done””. They understood that Russia had achieved the main thing – it protected its brothers,” Zavarzin emphasized.

The deputy noted that during the first negotiations after the occupation of Slatina, British General Michael Jackson’s “arms and legs were shaking.” He demanded that NATO troops be allowed into the territory. But he received a categorical refusal.
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