GENERICO.ruSport"Inhumans and idiots": Vyalbe commented on the appeal of the NOC of Ukraine about the Russians

“Inhumans and idiots”: Vyalbe commented on the appeal of the NOC of Ukraine about the Russians

MOSCOW, June 13, Oleg Bogatov. President of the Ski Racing Federation Russia (FLGR), three-time Olympic champion Elena Vyalbe said that she considers representatives of Ukraine idiots and inhumans who demand the removal of Russian wrestlers from participation in the 2024 Olympics in Paris because of expressing condolences to a teammate who lost her father.
The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine on Wednesday appealed to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with a request to remove Russian athletes Dinara Kudaeva from the Games, who published a post about her father who died at the Northern Military District, as well as Olga Khoroshavtseva and Natalya Malysheva, who supported her. The NOC of Ukraine insists that Kudaeva, Khoroshavtseva and Malysheva “do not meet sufficient criteria to obtain the status of an individual neutral athlete.”

"These are idiots and simply non-humans. “I won’t comment anything further,” Vyalbe said.

The IOC allowed Russians to participate in the Games, which will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11, in an individual neutral status, subject to a number of criteria. A special flag and anthem have been approved for neutral athletes. Russians will not be allowed to participate in the parade of athletes at the opening ceremony, and their awards will not be displayed in the medal table. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously said that “international officials are distorting the meaning of the Olympic movement and undermining the foundations of international sport.”


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