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Kissing a stranger. Zagitova and Valieva share one man

Alina Zagitova and Kamila Valieva have one partner for two, but what a partner! The sport tells how two star figure skaters will tear apart one Ruslan and how it will all end in the end.

Well, just a fabulous hero!
Zagitova and Valieva will take turns playing the role of Lyudmila in a series of summer ice skating Tatiana Navka’s show “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. The mysterious stranger and fabulous hero turned out to be the silver medalist of the Olympic Games Alexander Enbert.

Enbert is 35 years old, an experienced and decorated partner who retired in 2020. He is no stranger to skating together with the first beauties and popular champions. During his sporting background, he performed with Katarina Herboldt, Vasilisa Davankova and Natalia Zabiyako. In the show I once played a deadly passion with Evgenia Medvedeva-Carmen, being in the role of Jose. According to the plot, they even had to kiss.

Will there be love on ice this time? Of course, but in a slightly different form. In Pushkin's classic poem, Princess Lyudmila is kidnapped by the dwarf sorcerer Chernomor on her wedding night. Ruslan, distraught with grief, goes to look for his beloved in order to save her from the villain. In this difficult matter he has three rivals – Rogdai, Farlaf and Ratmir, because Prince Vladimir promises to give his daughter to the one who rescues her from the Black Sea captivity.

The rivals drop out of the race one after another – Farlaf is too lazy, Ratmir is greedy for the first beauties he meets, and Rogdai wanted to kill Ruslan, but he himself fell by his hand.

The good wizard Finn helps Ruslan, showing the way to Chernomor's palace and revealing the main secret – the sorcerer's power lies in his long beard, and he can only be defeated by cutting off his beard. On the way, Ruslan goes through many trials, and also faces betrayal – in a conspiracy, his sleeping man is killed by Ratmir. But he returns to life thanks to living water, awakens Lyudmila, who is sleeping in a witch's sleep, and also helps Prince Vladimir defeat the Pecheneg army. In the finale, everyone is happy, and even Chernomor is not killed, but simply turned into a court jester, having lost his charms. In general, only a real hero can accomplish all these feats in the name of love and his native land.

So love in “Ruslan and Lyudmila” runs like a strong silk thread through the entire story through sensual images, giving it a sublime meaning. And all this is against the backdrop of dramatic scenes of battles and witchcraft.

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Man in the serpentarium
The external fit into the image must be perfect – Alexander is visually a true hero, tall, with broad shoulders and a very kind smile. In addition, he is also attentive as a partner – he will not drop, will not offend, he will always advise and help girls who are inexperienced in matters of pair skating.

Enbert has another superpower – no one can say anything bad about him, and you will have to look for another such person in the figure skating serpentarium. Neither other skaters, nor coaches, nor former partners. Even journalists know that Enbert is always friendly and polite, he won’t hang up the phone or swear at you. Considering the totality of Alexander’s advantages, it may be difficult for Alina and Kamila not to be charmed by him, so as not to compare them with other partners later.

And, perhaps, the most important thing. For all her merits, Sasha Enbert is also an exemplary family man. He has been happily married for a long time, together with his wife Alesya he is raising his daughter Christabel, and very soon they will again have a new addition. Alesya brings her husband cakes and tea at rehearsals, and he gets up at night to attend to the awakened child to let his beloved sleep. And – an ideal family! So all ice love is purely a working skill, as in the theater.


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