GENERICO.ruAutoAtom intends to develop the charging infrastructure in the Russian Federation and simplify the process of “electric charging”

Atom intends to develop the charging infrastructure in the Russian Federation and simplify the process of “electric charging”

The Russian company plans to make the process of charging Atom electric trains no more difficult than refueling cars with an internal combustion engine.

As part of the Atom project, the development of a Russian electric car continues, which is gradually moving from a show car to its production version. Let us remember that its implementation started in the summer of 2021, the first teaser of the future new product was published in the fall of 2022, and the full debut of the five-door “electric train” (albeit in concept status) took place in May last year. It is worth recalling that the project is being carried out by the Kama company, which was registered in 2021 in Naberezhnye Chelny.

In the photo : show car Atom

Atom is also involved in the development of charging infrastructure: the company is currently working on a comprehensive solution for “electric charging” of electric vehicles and monetization of charging stations. It is reported that this solution will combine a cloud-based charging station aggregator platform, as well as a service for those who are thinking about buying their own charging station.

The company said that the cloud platform is a so-called “electric mobility provider” (eMobility Service Provider, eMSP), the single interface of which provides convenient access to charging stations within the Atom digital ecosystem. There is a unified authorization method for charging at any charging stations connected to the platform, as well as a single payment gateway.

The developer explained that thanks to the cloud platform, it is possible to control the charging session due to feedback from the electric car's telematics. Atom drivers will be able to see the status of charging stations, search by address or brand, sort by certain parameters (connector type, power, tariff). Users will also be able to book ports, configure charging session parameters, start the process and receive status notifications, make payments and view the history of “electric filling stations”.

It is known that information will be displayed on the tablet on the steering wheel, windshield (projection) and in the application. The charging port standard used in the Atom is GB/T, it can be used for fast and slow charging of the traction battery. The port is located in the rear right wing. The company added that the cloud platform is planned to be launched next year.

In addition, the Russian The developer has already launched the “Atom Charge” service in test mode. It provides a comprehensive service for the selection, sale and installation of a slow charging station for personal use, and if the device is purchased by a legal entity, for generating rental income. For this purpose, a mobile application will be launched in the future.

Recall that the start of serial production of the Russian electric car, According to the plan, it will be given in 2025. The production of Atom will be launched at the facilities of the capital's Moskvich plant (previously this site belonged to the French company Renault).


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