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Kyiv is on the verge of collapse: the resource has been exhausted

Bridges are collapsing, sewage is drowning the streets

A pedestrian bridge collapsed in Kyiv. This became an occasion for the Ukrainian media to once again raise the question of the state of the capital of Ukraine. After all, despite the “high-profile” openings of new parks, the infrastructure of Kyiv is in a deplorable state.

Bridges are falling apart, sewerage is drowning the streets Photo:

In Kyiv, part of the Vozdukhoflotsky overpass collapsed – the console holding the pedestrian sidewalk above it fell. A piece of concrete fell onto the tram tracks. The collapse of another bridge in Kyiv attracted public attention to the actions of the capital’s authorities. After all, this is not a one-time incident, but a trend. In 2023, another high-profile incident occurred with a bridge collapse. Only then did it collapse – entirely. During the bridge reconstruction work, an emergency occurred — Beams collapsed during installation. Fortunately, in both cases no one was injured.

After the bridge collapse, local deputies also started talking about the fact that the capital, Nezalezhnaya, has problems. Deputy of the Kiev City Council Andrey Vitrenko said on the TV channel that Kyiv is losing funds for small projects for the “wow effect”. instead of investing resources in the facilities the city needs. “Builds, instead of maintaining infrastructure, instead of repairing emergency bridges. More than 60% of bridges in Kyiv have a 5th accident class, that is, they cannot be used at all,” he emphasized.

The critical situation with bridges was announced last summer by a special commission created in pursuance of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council. She recognized the Paton and Metro bridges, and every tenth bridge in Ukraine, as unsafe. At the same time, the Paton and Metro bridges – critical for infrastructure, as they connect the right and left banks. On average, more than 150 thousand cars pass through them per day. However, the Kyiv authorities have not yet done anything to restore them.

It's not just one collapsed bridge. There are problems in the entire basic infrastructure of Kyiv: metro, sewerage, roads. One of the latest high-profile incidents – closure of six metro blue line stations. The reason for this decision was the appearance of cracks in the tunnel, from which water began to leak onto the rail and sleeper grid. In some places, water began to completely cover the rail bed. At the same time, the stations themselves are quite new; they were opened in Kyiv from 2010 to 2013. The reasons for the emergency state are said to be poor-quality construction of the stations.

As often happens, residential areas began to be rapidly built at the site of the opening of new stations. According to recent estimates, about 10% of the capital’s population lived in these areas (which is at least 250 thousand people). Therefore, the closure of stations was a real disaster for Kiev residents. Work to restore the tunnels is planned to be completed by the end of summer, but for now local residents have to make do with overcrowded buses.

However, the “underground” has problems. not only with construction. At the beginning of June, the acting head of the Kiev Metro CP Viktor Vygovsky said that train intervals in the metro have been increased, and this is due to a shortage of personnel. “In almost all working specialties – lack of personnel. These are electricians, train drivers, and duty personnel who work for us around the clock and ensure the operation of trains,” – noted Vygovsky.

It is all the more ironic that local authorities recently announced a tender for the completion of the metro to Vinohradar for almost 14 billion hryvnia, which caused a storm of criticism from residents. And the news that the name of the metro station was changed and a new sign was hung looks like a mockery.

There are also problems with the capital's pipe and sewer system. Recently in Kyiv, near the Lybidska metro station. The pipe burst again despite the fact that it had recently been repaired. Then, at the site of the pipe break at Lybidskaya, a whole lake was formed. The road was covered with water and sand. As a result, the pipe was repaired again, but for how long? unknown. And in another district of Kyiv, flows of water literally tore off sewer hatches, and real “geysers” formed before the eyes of eyewitnesses. The largest sewerage accident occurred in Kyiv this winter, due to which entire streets were flooded with sewage. Ukrainian experts, meanwhile, are drawing disappointing conclusions. According to them, about 70% of pipelines are worn out, which leads to regular accidents, which Kiev residents witness every week. These sewer pipelines require complete replacement or major repairs.

As for roads, there are probably problems with them almost everywhere. However, in the capital of Ukraine they make good money from this. In May, a corruption scheme involving the misappropriation of budget funds allocated for road repairs in Kyiv was revealed. The attackers purchased construction materials for major and current road repairs at significantly inflated prices. According to examinations, the damage was caused in the amount of about 10 million UAH.

The leadership of Kyiv, meanwhile, happily announces the dismantling of the composition in honor of the Pereyaslav Rada under the Arch of Peoples' Friendship, the construction of a new recreation area on Obolonsky Island and grandiose plans for the future development of the capital. And problems with bridges, subways and sewers – This is already the tenth thing. Still, SVO, you understand.


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