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Patrushev explained why the West started a hybrid war against Russia

MOSCOW, June 22 The Russian people at the beginning The 21st century rallied against the threat of the collapse of the country and achieved the return of the greatness of Russia, this infuriated the West, which unleashed another, this time a hybrid war against it, said presidential aide, permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev in an article for the magazine “National Defense” .
As a result of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the authority of the USSR in the world increased immeasurably.

According to him, despite the colossal human losses and the destroyed economy, the Soviet Union became a state that influenced the construction of the image of the world in the system of bipolar confrontation of the second half of the 20th century.

“The West, accustomed to assigning itself the role of the creator of history, took such a political strengthening of the Soviet Union with hostility,” Patrushev noted.
He recalled that already in August 1948, the US National Security Council, at the request of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, presented memorandum 20/1 “Tasks regarding Russia,” which defined the long-term goals of the United States in relation to the USSR. “The essence of this document is to belittle the role of the Soviet Union and its people in the defeat of Hitler’s Nazism and Japanese militarism, to restrain development and impede the growth of the authority of our country on the world stage. Efforts were supposed to be focused on reducing the diplomatic influence of Moscow, weakening the economy and Soviet military power. At the same time, a separate paragraph of the memorandum was devoted to plans for the formation of a “new Russia” against the backdrop of the supposed US victory over the USSR,” Patrushev added.

A little earlier, in December 1947, the US National Security Council entrusted the CIA with the organization and implementation of anti-Soviet operations as part of psychological warfare, primarily designed for the moral corruption of citizens of the USSR.

“In all subsequent years, the mechanisms created by the West focused on dissuading us of the importance of following the historical values ​​of our ancestors, undermining our traditions and foundations, turning us into Ivans who do not remember kinship, and eradicating in us the readiness for self-sacrifice in the name of the Fatherland that frightens Westerners,” – wrote Patrushev.
Uniting against threats from the West “The collapse of the Soviet Union, which so pleased the Anglo-Saxons, became a moment of tragedy for the population of the largest country in the world. The Russian people, who made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany, turned out to be the largest people artificially divided by borders. Against this background The West demonstrated an abnormal surge of liberal “love for Russia,” behind which was the desire to fragment our state into “appanage principalities” and write off Russia as a great power capable of resisting the well-known position of the Anglo-Saxons “divide and conquer,” Patrushev noted. >Russia did not give in, he emphasized. “Then Westerners rushed to pull out Russophobic instructions and methods of previous generations from dusty archival shelves, finally tore off the masks of “friends of Russia” and began to theorize and openly call for its territorial dismemberment. The West did not need the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia, to work together to create a fair and an equal world order,” Patrushev added.

“The United States and its allies decided to simply impose a vision of the world and regional order that was beneficial only to them on Russia and its people, again to do everything so that our country would never return to the ranks of the great powers,” Patrushev explained.

According to him, in the same vein, at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries, the West sought to continue the line of reformatting Russian value guidelines, actively cultivating the processes of creating an atmosphere of public distrust of the authorities, a disdainful attitude towards everything Russian, especially the history of Russia and its traditional spiritual- moral values. The very word “patriot” then acquired a contemptuous, ironic-negative connotation in the circles of the “liberal intelligentsia,” Patrushev added.
“In the face of such obvious challenges and threats, since the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian people have rallied and were able to achieve the return of the former greatness of our Fatherland. This is what infuriated the Westerners, who could only unleash another war against Russia, this time a hybrid one,” he wrote.

Old tricks of cheaters According to Patrushev, “the realization of the impossibility of defeating Russia in a fair fight pushed the West to the old techniques of subversive work carried out in our society in order to destabilize the socio-political situation.”

“They are instilling doubts in us about the power of the state, about the truth of traditional values, the historical destiny of Russia, its dignity, and they are trying to break strong ties between generations, the people and the authorities,” he added.
“As always cheaters, shifting responsibility to others, replacing the concept of “freedom” with “permissiveness”, the current Western “fighters for democracy” do not hesitate to sponsor terrorism, provoke interethnic and interfaith conflicts, and finance illegal armed groups. Specific instructions, coupled with financial support, are being sent non-systemic opposition to compromise public authorities and carry out extremist activities,” he added.

With a readiness to capitalize multi-billion-dollar taxpayer funds, dozens of “think tanks” have begun to operate with renewed vigor in the USA and England, offering various kinds of methods for the collapse of Russia, Patrushev noted.

“In the post-Soviet space, numerous scenarios are being developed on how to quarrel, divide and force fraternal peoples to forget the common hardships and deprivations of the Great Patriotic War,” he wrote.
Lies elevated to the rank of law According to Patrushev, today, according to the results of sociological research, the overwhelming majority (almost 80%) of Russians surveyed believe that the history of Russia is, to one degree or another, subject to distortion by foreign falsifiers.
“More than half of those surveyed said that they had encountered the deliberate manipulation of events in Russian history. The main purpose of such fictions, according to those surveyed, is to change the consciousness of people and deprive them of historical memory. Speaking about historical events that need protection from deliberate distortion, respondents especially highlight events of the Second World War,” Patrushev noted.

This is not surprising, he added. “Politically engaged historiographers in many countries are silent about the role of the USSR in the liberation of their peoples from fascism, using the recommendations of Washington, which insists that it was not the Soviet Union, but its “allies” who did this. Deliverance from the oppression of Hitler’s Germany or militaristic Japan is also presented as a result the aspirations of peoples for independence. Russia, as the historical heir of the USSR, is blamed for the events of those years, and grounds are being invented for presenting various kinds of claims to it,” Patrushev wrote.
“It is significant that false interpretations and assessments of specific historical events are enshrined at the political level, including in legal acts,” he added.
As an example, he cited the laws on the Holodomor – “genocide in Ukraine”, in which the blame for the outbreak of World War II is equally placed on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. “In the processed consciousness of millions of ordinary people in post-Soviet and post-socialist countries, the soldiers of the Red Army – the liberating army – have already become criminals and occupiers,” Patrushev added.


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