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A case of military “fakes” against nurse Olga Menshikh was opened in Moscow for posts about Bucha and Maria Zakharova

At a meeting of the Dorogomilovsky District Court, prosecutor Solunina read out the indictment in the case of nurse Olga Menshikh, who is accused of spreading “fake news” about the army (clause “d” of part 2 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code) for two posts on VKontakte. A Mediazona correspondent reports this from the courtroom.

Both posts have now been removed from the Lesser page. The first post was written on July 14, 2022: “Zakharova talks fierce nonsense at her fucking briefing. How does the earth carry it? God, what is she talking about… At this time, Vinnitsa. Russia shelled the city center for the first time, rockets hit an office building, 12 dead, dozens wounded.” The expert considered that Menshikh, in addition to spreading “fakes” about the army, with this post “discredited the activities of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the performance of official duties.”

Second post dated March 31, 2023: “Bucha is a small town in Kyiv region, was liberated from Russian invaders on March 31, 2022, exactly five weeks after the start of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine. During the five weeks of occupation in Bucha, 458 civilians died, 419 of them were shot or died from torture.”

The prosecution believes that Menshikh published posts guided by her “dismissive, unfriendly, hostile-aggressive attitude towards the Russian authorities, the social group of military personnel, the people of Russia and the country as a whole.” At the same time, her posts could cause a threat of “anxiety, fear, anxiety and a feeling of insecurity on the part of the state” in people.

The prosecutor also read out the written materials of the case. Among them there is a description of the Lesser Ones from their place of work – the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical and Surgical Center named after N.I. Pirogov.” It says that Menshikh can be “unrestrained and emotional when communicating with colleagues” and has repeatedly received oral reprimands “for negative statements about the current government.”

The court adjourned the hearing to July 12 due to the failure of prosecution witnesses to appear .

On April 8, Olga Menshikh’s home was searched. The next day the woman was placed under house arrest. At the first meeting of the suppression measure, Olga claimed that she did not write the posts imputed to her, and her account was hacked.


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