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Putin called the unemployment rate in Russia a record low

MOSCOW, July 10 Unemployment in the Russian Federation is at a record low level and amounts to 2.6%, the number of working Russians has grown and reached 74.1 million, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Last year we had 73.4 million workers, this year there are already 74.1 million workers. More than 2 thousand vacancies are open, and unemployment is at a record low level of 2.6%,” Putin said at a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers.

The President asked the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov to talk about the current situation in the labor market. Putin also noted that in previous years, in the structure of unemployment by age, unemployment among young people was higher, and asked the head of the ministry to tell whether the situation has changed now. Kotyakov clarified that it is still higher than the average for working citizens, but the youth unemployment rate itself has decreased significantly in recent years.

“Yes (unemployment – ed.), it is increased, especially among young people in the age cohort of 20-24 years. This is mainly due to, let’s say, the learning processes, but we are now working with colleagues in order to shift the fact of employment of young people children while still in their senior years,” the minister said.

He also noted that the planned employment rates this year will not be lower than last year. “We believe that this year our employment indicators will be no less than last year, and maybe even better,” added Kotyakov.

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