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If there is no mobile connection: how to turn your phone into a walkie-talkie

Recommendations from the State Service for Special Communications for Ukrainians to stay in touch with their loved ones.

There is always a risk that mobile coverage may temporarily disappear in your area or city. Therefore, it is worth installing special applications that will help you use smartphones as walkie-talkies, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Focus.

What to do if you are afraid of losing access to mobile communications programs:

  • Voxer Walkie Talkie,
  • Walkie Talkie,
  • Two Way: Walkie Talkie.

However, remember that communication using this software is not protected – there is a risk that someone can listen to you if you accidentally or intentionally fall on the same frequency. But there is also an advantage: this software will allow you to stay in touch with all participants in the dialogue at the same time.

To organize such a connection, you need to agree with subscribers on a dedicated channel (that is, frequency or range) for communication. The frequency (range) is chosen by subscribers independently.

The range of such messengers varies from 60 to 100 m, and the quality of communication depends on possible interference, since the operation of the software is often based on Bluetooth technology (in the basement, the communication range can be reduced to several meters, the agency clarifies).

«It should be remembered that any messengers must be downloaded in advance if you have stable access to the Internet, as well as to test their performance in advance», the statement says.

What to do if you lose access to the Internet

In the absence of Internet access, the agency recommends that you get to the nearest facility that has fixed telephone and/or radio communications, observing security measures.

Objects having a fixed telephone connection

  • local government buildings,
  • post offices,
  • fire and rescue units,
  • police stations,< /li>
  • ambulance stations,
  • representative offices of other law enforcement agencies (National Guard, SBU, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Security Police).

«In case , if in a crisis situation neither you nor your loved ones will have any technical means of communication, you must first clearly agree on the place and time of the meeting.

If you are planning an evacuation to a specific place, determine the point and pick up time and arrange to wait there, for example, for 24 hours, and then proceed to the next destination.

For small children, a note with the child's full name should be placed in a pocket or sewn into clothing , his parents or other contact persons, the address and contact numbers of relatives.

Children of school age should be warned what to do if there is no communications», the service said.

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