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The expert explained what Russian hypersonic missiles “Dagger” are

Our air defense has learned to shoot down enemy cruise missiles quite effectively.

Hypersonic The «Kinzhal» rocket, with which the enemy hit the Retroville shopping center in Kyiv, is not very different from the same «Iskander», which the enemy has been hitting our territory since the first days of the war, reports the with reference to the Correspondent. info with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Alexander Kochetkov, a former design engineer at SE Design Bureau «Yuzhnoye», spoke about this.

According to the specialist, due to the use of «Daggers» fear may arise, they say, the aggressor began to shoot at us with some of the latest hypersonic missiles, from which there is no way to escape anywhere.

«I want to remind you: no matter what today's Russia does — this is a fraud, designed for stupid people, and a goofy PR. With hypersonic weapons — same», — says Kochetkov.

Solid-propellant missiles «Iskander», with which Ukraine has been shelled from the very beginning of the war, are also hypersonic. These are ballistic missiles that fly out of the atmosphere and then fall on the target.

The notorious «Dagger» — in fact, the same «Iskander», only starting from a converted aircraft.

Due to the air launch «Dagger» has an extended range. On the fall trajectory, both types of missiles develop hypersonic speed.

«In fact, almost everything that falls to the ground due to the atmosphere — that rockets, that meteorites, fly in hypersound. And here Russia, of course, did not invent anything»,— the specialist added.

Kochetkov says that our air defense has learned to quite effectively shoot down enemy cruise missiles. «Iskanderov» it is more difficult to shoot down because of the high speed, but they also learned how to shoot them down.

«They will deal with «Daggers»… So don't get fooled by terrible names and remember that «Dagger» — weapons of cowards and weaklings, and these little Cossacks cannot be defeated»,— added specialist.


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