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The Ministry of Digital Development spoke about the effectiveness of the digital blockade of the Russian Federation

On the IT army and DDos attacks.

Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov told Der Spiegel how the country uses modern technology to win the war back. And also why SAP and other companies can and should do more. Details at the link «, Fedorov said.

Shortly after the Russian invasion, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov called on hackers around the world to wage digital wars against Russia. In an interview, he tells how the IT army operates, where it attacks and how it tries to influence thought in Russia.

«My team and I are at the forefront. We keep calm because we have a lot of work and no time to worry. We are working around the clock to maintain and expand our digital warfare services. I don’t want to say exactly where I am, especially after the FSB website and other websites have been down for several days», Fedorov answered the question about his whereabouts.

He also said that Ukrainians have spent years building an effective digital state and improving our cyber security in the process.

«Cyber ​​attacks were prevalent even before the war. We built the defense, but never went on the offensive. In the days leading up to the invasion, there were several extremely large attacks from the Russian side. When the invasion began, we counterattacked», he added.

According to him, the IT army consists of individuals and companies with cybersecurity skills. I suspect that not only Ukrainians are participating – foreign IT specialists and companies are helping.

«The results are amazing. Hundreds of companies, thousands of specialists, hundreds of thousands of volunteers have been involved. We publish public goals in the Telegram channel. We have a little over 300,000 members there. But there are also private discussions that we mostly have with companies,” he said. Fedorov.

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