GENERICO.ruSport"Escorts, 100%": a commentator humiliated athletes from Russia live

“Escorts, 100%”: a commentator humiliated athletes from Russia live

A scandal erupted during the Open Cup of Champions of the Northern Capital in bodybuilding. The well-known bodybuilder Dmitry Golubochkin, who commented on the tournament, allowed himself severe insults to the participants in the competition, for which he was immediately punished. The athlete himself does not feel guilty for his act. The 52-year-old Golubochkin is known for his resonant statements about his colleagues, but at the tournament in St. Petersburg, the athlete clearly began to insult the participants for no reason. The bodybuilder was pissed off by the girls who competed in the “bikini fitness” discipline. In their address, Golubochkin allowed himself the most impartial comments, calling the girls “prostitutes and escort service workers.” “100%. Let people know! .Golubochkin's statements immediately provoked a reaction from the girls. Russian bodybuilding champion Katerina Bravve harshly criticized the man for insulting him.


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