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The first tweet, bought as NFT for three million, was resold for only 13 thousand

The plan to return the money and make money failed.

A year ago, the founder and then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put up for auction his first tweet. The NFT token was bought for $2.9 million. Now the buyer himself decided to resell the lot, but he was in for a surprise. He expected to receive about $50 million for the resale of the token. Channel 24 figured out what happened next.

Changing NFT

Then, in 2021, Dorsey donated the proceeds to charity, and Estavi received «a unique digital certificate of the tweet, signed and verified by the author» . The record itself remained available on the social network.

just setting up my twttr

— jack⚡️ (@jack) March 21, 2006

Maybe the reason why Estavi decided to put the tweet up for auction again is money. He thought the price would rise cloudy, which should be favored by time. However, apparently, he did not have time to jump on the NFT popularity train. Since April 7, 2022, when the lot was put up for sale, the maximum bid has been a relatively meager $12,709.24. The entrepreneur, following the example of Jack Dorsey, was going to donate half of the expected revenue – $ 25 million – to charity.

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