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Ukrainians explained how to connect to Starlink and how much it costs

The State Special Communications Service explained how satellite Internet from Elon Musk works in our country and to whom it is available.

Last week, the National Commission for the Radio Frequency Spectrum and the Provision of Postal Services allowed all Ukrainians to use Starlink terminals. The State Special Communications Service told who and how can connect to satellite Internet from Elon Musk, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Focus.

This permission from the National Commission is valid until Ukraine remains on position. In this regard, the National Center for Operational and Technical Management of Telecommunications Networks under the State Service for Special Communications has developed a number of recommendations for those who want to become a subscriber of the Starlink satellite network.

Where to buy Starlink equipment?

So far, you can pre-order a set of equipment on the starlink.com website, but you won’t be able to buy it through the website of the service provider company, since an official representative office has not yet opened in Ukraine. Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov assured that it will be opened in the near future. Some users have been known to purchase equipment through eBay.

How do I connect to Starlink?

It is necessary to purchase a set of user equipment, then connect the antenna to the terminal using a cable (included in the kit), then connect the terminal to the mains. Download the Starlink application from Google Play or the AppStore to your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions you will find in the application to connect to satellite Internet.

Can I connect to Starlink without buying equipment?

No, because it is impossible to connect to Starlink without special equipment. However, you can buy it with family members, neighbors, connect it, and then distribute the Internet to all participants in the cooperation.

«In fact, it's like distributing the Internet from your phone: you pay the operator for a package of services and you can share the Internet with people who are close to you», the State Special Communications Service says.

How much do Starlink services cost?

One set of equipment on the Starlink website will cost $499. And the monthly subscription is $99. You can also pay it out by sharing, deciding among yourself who contributes what share. Please note that you will also have to pay for delivery.

Where did Starlink terminals come from in Ukraine?

As Mikhail Fedorov reported earlier, Starlink donated several thousand terminals to help Ukraine, which is defending itself from Russian troops. Fedorov personally turned to Elon Musk with a request to support the work of the critical infrastructure of our country, and Musk agreed. Communication was provided, first of all, to the Ukrainian military.

«A significant number of devices were brought independently by various companies, organizations, public associations and just citizens», the State Special Communications Service notes.

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