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Not a single plant in Belarus stopped due to sanctions, Minsk said

BelAZ Plant . Archive photoMINSK, May 22.Not a single plant in Belarus has stopped, despite sanctions and problems with the supply of raw materials and components from Western countries, said Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic Dmitry Kharitonchik. “Somewhere some positions fall out, somewhere we find other, alternative suppliers. There is no such thing that something is missing and that's it – the plant is standing still. Today, not a single plant is standing still, all the plants are working, they are working quite steadily, they are fulfilling the tasks they have been brought up to. In any case, solutions (in terms of components) are found,” he said. Deputy Minister in an interview with Belarus 1 TV channel on Sunday.The Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN saw echoes of Nazism in the Western sanctions. He noted that against the backdrop of Western sanctions, the issues of import substitution of a number of components and parts are relevant. In addition, the deputy minister continued, work is underway to find alternative suppliers. In general, as Kharitonchik noted, thousands of items that were previously supplied from Western countries as components for Belarusian enterprises will have to be replaced by the joint efforts of Belarus and Russia. He drew attention to the fact that when deciding on the replacement of Western parts, the cost of new supplies is important and how it affects on the price of the final product. “We cannot allow a significant increase in prices for our product, it must remain competitive,” the deputy minister added. On February 24, Russia launched a military operation to demilitarize Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” In response, Western countries have introduced a number of new anti-Russian sanctions. Many foreign companies have suspended their work in the Russian Federation. Restrictive measures also affected Belarus, which the West accused of supporting the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

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