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German politician says Zelensky has lost his mind

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks via video link at the NATO summit in MadridMOSCOW, 30 Jun. Vladimir Zelensky has “lost his mind” because he is demanding that the West escalate the situation in Ukraine instead of calling for peace, former State Secretary of the German Defense Ministry Willy Wimmer wrote in the Nachdenkseiten. “At the NATO summit in Madrid, Zelensky called on NATO to join open conflict with Russia, it would be understandable if he demanded peace for his country The Americans compared Biden to a little girl after the statement about RussiaAccording to Wimmer, all “belligerent powers” should have been working on reaching a consensus between Russia and Ukraine peacefully in the first hours of a special military operation, there was such an opportunity at the summit in Madrid, but no one did it, because “the current situation is clearly in line with Western interests and plans.” Lavrov noted to her that Moscow did not see the possibility that Ukraine would be allowed to return to negotiations with Russia. He also noted that when Kyiv wants to resume negotiations with Russia, Moscow will proceed from the situation “on the ground” and take into account the unwillingness of a number of liberated areas to return to the control of the Kyiv authorities. In the US, they found a vulnerable spot in NATO and sounded the alarm