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Protesters in Ecuador sign agreement to end protests

Slums in Quito, Ecuador. File photoMEXICO CITY, Jun 30Representatives of the government and indigenous movements of Ecuador, after 18 days of large-scale demonstrations, signed an agreement to stop protests in the country. agreements and obligations signed in the protocol,” the Confederation of Indian Peoples of Ecuador (La Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador, CONAIE) said in a blog post. According to the document, the announcement of which was broadcast by local media, the parties agreed to stop the protests, which have been going on for 18 days , and establish a church-brokered negotiating table for 90 days. The document lists further reductions in the fixed cost of all fuels by 5 US cents per gallon and amendments to the decree on mining the field as additional steps from the government. mineral resources, which made it possible to use the territories of indigenous peoples at the discretion of the executive branch. Demonstrations by representatives of indigenous peoples and peasants against the social and economic policies of the country's leadership began on June 13 and a week later covered the whole country. The protesters later decided to focus their protests in the capital region, but the blockade of oil fields and roads in a number of provinces remained.June 29, 12:31 Indigenous people of Ecuador demand lower fuel pricesNegotiations between protesters against the social and economic policies of the country's leadership and government representatives were unsuccessful. The Ecuadorians tried to negotiate a deal on fuel and food prices in Quito. The meeting took place after mass protests that have been taking place in the country since June 13 in 11 regions of the country. President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in four provinces due to the suspension of oil production at the fields of state and private companies and the supply of fuel to the regions caused by the actions of demonstrators .At the end of 16 days of protests, the country's prosecutor's office opened 261 criminal cases, most of which are related to obstructing the work of public services (106), damage to property (35), attacks (25), robberies (25) and carrying weapons (18). Seven cases are related to terrorism and five to murders. According to the latest data from the National Police of Ecuador, during the protests in the country, more than 5.2 thousand cases of public disorder were recorded, ten police stations were destroyed, 238 employees of the department were injured, 162 people were detained. Inter-American The Commission on Human Rights, in a single slice of data on protests in Ecuador, reported 6 demonstrators dead, including two with gunshot wounds, and 166 injured.