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Pskovites will be paid 100,000 rubles each for entering military service under a contract

In the Pskov region, local residents who have signed a service contract with the Ministry of Defense will receive a one-time payment of 100,000 rubles. The corresponding decree was signed by the governor of the region Mikhail Vedernikov, according to the website of the regional government.

The military commissariat will transfer information about contractors to the regional Committee for Social Protection, and they are supposed to transfer the payment within ten working days from the date of receipt of the data. Funds for this are included in the regional budget.

According to the document, if a serviceman terminates the contract ahead of schedule, he will have to return the money in full within 30 days. The decree came into force and applies to everyone who signed a contract from the beginning of July.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of military and National Guard employees began to refuse to participate in the war – as Mediazona wrote, most of the refuseniks, about 500 people returned home to Kabardino-Balkaria, as well as to Krasnodar, Pskov and Vladikavkaz – many were fired from service for gross misconduct. The “Pskov province” claimed that about 60 soldiers from Pskov refused to go to Ukraine. cite__image” alt=”1″ />Article“No one signed up to be meat.” The author of the Military Ombudsman public page talks about how people in Russia refuse to fight (there are already hundreds of such cases)

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