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NHL legend sued for $10 million

MOSCOW, Aug 17 To the best scorer in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL) Canadian Wayne Gretzky is being sued for $10 million over lies about weight loss gum, TMZ reports, citing court documents. According to a source, the plaintiff, named Steven Sparks, claims to have developed a natural weight loss gum and hired a wife Gretzky Janet for her promotion. Sparks believes that his business failed due to the hockey player's false statement, in which he said that this chewing gum helped him lose about 16 kilograms in almost two months. The plaintiff also accuses the Gretzky family of secretly buying shares in the company, which after the announcement of the Canadian rose in price. When it became known that Gretzky's words were a lie, the value of the company plummeted, due to which Sparks claims he lost $10 million.


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