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Experts say visa denials are ineffective as EU sanctions

MOSCOW, Aug 20Europe does not understand the mentality of Russia, therefore sanctions and threats not to issue Schengen visas do not have the effect expected by European authorities on Russians, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti say. Recently, representatives of a number of Western states have called for a ban on issuing visas to Russian citizens. The Kremlin said that they hoped for the sober thinking of the EU in the issue of issuing a “Schengen” to the Russians. They added that Russia, if Russians are denied Schengen visas, will react extremely negatively, this will entail retaliatory measures and a counter-reaction. Doctor of Historical Sciences Evgeny Spitsyn believes that the reason why the sanctions and threats to ban the issuance of visas turned out to be ineffective is that Europe does not understand the mentality of Russian citizens. uploads/2022/08/286cd8d9dc33033ed8e1265c7373c501.jpg” />Yesterday, 12:51TourismPoland has practically stopped issuing visas to RussiansAccording to the expert, in recent years, a much smaller part of Russians have traveled to Europe than those who preferred to travel to Turkey or East Asian countries. this is a small percentage, but nonetheless. However, I don’t think that they will live happily there, because they will be squeezed out of there by all possible means,” Spitsyn believes. outlined two more reasons why sanctions and bans on the issuance of Schengen visas were ineffective. The first, in his opinion, is that since the collapse of the USSR, in relations between Russia and Europe, although stable, but incorrect stereotypes about Moscow have been formed due to the desire of part of the Russian “business elite” to keep their assets in the West and the actions of those who bows “to everything Western.” “The information activity of these circles is great, disproportionate to their real size, so external players have a distorted idea of ​​the state of minds in Russia,” he explained. The second reason the expert called “pain threshold” and the ability to face difficulties that cannot be compared to those typical of Europeans. visas for Russians


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