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Shoigu called the idea to ban Russians from entering the EU a manifestation of Nazism

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KUBINKA (Moscow region), Aug 20The idea to ban all Russians from entering the EU countries reflects the manifestations of the Nazi policy of individual countries, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. , he said at a plenary meeting of the First International Anti-Fascist Congress in Patriot Park near Moscow. According to the minister, individual countries, in particular the Baltic countries, are increasingly ignoring “the fundamental principles of the world order, the legal and political assessments of the Nuremberg Tribunal.” “In Estonia and Marches of SS legionnaires have become a tradition in Latvia, monuments and obelisks are erected to war criminals, Nazi slogans and appeals are openly heard on the streets of Lithuanian cities,” Shoigu says. />09:14TourismExperts say visa denials are ineffective as EU sanctionsOpening the congress, he quoted Bulgarian communist Georgy Dimitrov, who called fascism “bestial chauvinism, medieval barbarism and unbridled aggression against other peoples and countries.””In the 30s of the last century.” fascist dictatorial regimes were established in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, and some other states. German Nazism became its most radical and aggressive form,” the head of the department added. financed by international capital. “It is quite obvious that the financial and economic cooperation between the Anglo-American and Nazi business circles was one of the main factors that led to the Second World War, which cost humanity unprecedented casualties,” Shoigu said.Yesterday, 12:51TourismPoland practically stopped issuing visas to RussiansHe recalled that the most brutal was the aggression against the Soviet Union – 27 million dead. According to the minister, no state in the world has paid such a price. The minister also noted that “the lessons of history are poorly learned by those who, relying on their own strength, commit violence.” “The bombing of Yugoslavia, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the cultivation of terrorist structures “in Syria. These and similar crimes always have specific initiators and perpetrators. Responsibility for such actions and their consequences lies entirely with the leadership of the United States of America and NATO,” he concluded. . As noted in the department, it “is intended to become a platform for upholding the historical truth about the decisive contribution of the USSR to the defeat of fascism during the Second World War, as well as to counter the spread of Nazi ideology.”August 11, 21:45 In the worldLatvian authorities openly glorify Nazism, the Russian Foreign Ministry said


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