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China reveals unexpected NATO maneuver to contain Russia

Go to mediabankMOSCOW, 2 Oct. The Alliance's statement about the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipeline accident shows its desire to absolve itself of responsibility for the explosions and take a high moral stance in order to continue working on the main strategic goal – containing Russia, writes Global Times. However, according to experts cited by the publication, this NATO statement was made too early, because the truth has not yet been revealed. “The bloc's reaction indicates that the confrontation between Russia and the West may escalate even more,” the publication says. Nord Stream sabotage has increased Europe's dependence on the United States. “Pipeline leaks are not only an energy problem, but also a political rivalry. Europe, especially Germany, needs to think about the lost leverage in negotiations with Russia, being handcuffed to US interests “, – writes the author of the article. Moreover, according to experts, this incident will become a serious challenge to Germany's energy security and will affect the lives of ordinary Germans. “Germany has invested a lot of energy and money in Nord Stream 2, hoping to get cheap energy from Russia,” the experts stressed, adding that cracks may appear in relations between Europe and the United States. 11:16In Germany, they sounded the alarm because of the possibility of a nuclear warThe gas leak at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 was discovered on September 26. At that time, both of them did not work – pumping through Nord Stream was suspended from the end of August due to problems with the repair of Siemens turbines caused by Western sanctions, and Nord Stream 2, which was completed in 2021, was never put into operation. operation. Nevertheless, the pipelines remained filled with gas. According to the operator Nord Stream AG, the accident is unprecedented and the repair time cannot be estimated. The seismic center of Sweden recorded powerful underwater explosions in the area of ​​the emergency. The authorities of Germany and Denmark do not exclude that the cause of the emergency was sabotage. NATO claims that the accident was “the result of deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage.” The Kremlin called the incident an act of international terrorism. According to Vladimir Putin, “sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons”, they have begun to destroy the pan-European energy infrastructure. Nord Streams”: the gas war has entered a hot stage


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