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State Duma to consider ratification of treaties on new subjects on Monday

Go to mediabankMOSCOW, Oct 2The State Duma will consider draft constitutional laws and ratification treaties on new territories on Monday, Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said. from the rulings on the court's website.13:29 The West considers the status of the Kherson region a loss, said Stremousov “On Monday we will consider amending constitutional laws, as well as ratifying international treaties,” the politician said in an interview with Pavel Zarubin in the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin program. The politician noted that deputies have a lot of legislative work to do. So, he recalled, it was necessary to adopt “about 70 laws” when Crimea and Sevastopol were part of the Russian Federation. Volodin also added that it is necessary to take into account that fighting continues in some parts of the regions. “Yes, in these regions, in their part, fighting is still going on. We must take this factor into account and do everything in our power to liberate the territory of the Russian Federation from the Nazis. So that as soon as possible from the territory of the Russian Federation – where it remains captured by the Nazis to this day – this evil spirits were removed,” he added. .jpg” />13:04 The admission of new regions to Russia was recognized as constitutional. Also, before the plenary meeting of the State Duma on Monday, the documents will be considered by the relevant committees on CIS affairs and on state construction and legislation, Daniil Bessarabov, the first deputy head of the chamber committee on state construction, told RIA Novosti earlier. According to the procedure for accepting new territories in composition of the Russian Federation, international treaties are considered by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, after the documents are submitted simultaneously with draft constitutional laws and are considered first by the State Duma, then by the Federation Council, Oleg Morozov, head of the Duma Control Committee, told RIA Novosti earlier. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in the Kremlin on September 30 following the results referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, after which he signed agreements with their heads on the admission of regions to Russia. The State Duma is sure that the process of reunification of the Russian lands is not over yet. perfect


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