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Manchester United footballer arrested again

MOSCOW, Oct 15 Manchester United player Mason Greenwood arrested on suspicion in violation of the terms of his bail on charges of beating and raping girlfriend Harriet Robson, reports The Sun. Greenwood, who was released on bail in February, allegedly made contact with the victim, which was prohibited under the terms of the release. The police arrived at the footballer's mansion, he was arrested and interrogated. At the end of January, Harriet Robson published photos on her Instagram * with bruises on different parts of her body, as well as with a bloody face. In addition, the girl released audio recordings of a verbal altercation between her and Greenwood. The posts were later removed. Greenwood was arrested, media reports said that death threats were later added to Greenwood's charge. Manchester United suspended the football player from training and games, this season the football player has not played a single match for the club. Greenwood is 21 years old, he is a graduate of Manchester United, in 2020 the player made his debut in the England national team. * Meta activity ** ( social networks Facebook* and Instagram) is banned in Russia as extremist.

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