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Roadmap for gas hub in Turkey to appear by the end of the year, media write

ANKARA, Nov 1 Turkey gas hub in progress intensified, with a roadmap expected by the end of the year, Anadolu said.
The country continues to make every effort to become an international natural gas trading hub, the agency writes.

"Implement The idea in Ankara is planned through participation in international energy projects, the creation of liquefied natural gas facilities and the factor of the only gas trading market in the region. After Moscow's proposal to create a gas hub in Turkey for the supply of Russian gas to foreign markets, work in this direction has intensified. Ankara plans to draw up a roadmap for the implementation of the intended goal by the end of this year", the Anadolu material says.

Vladimir Putin proposed creating a gas hub in Turkey in October. According to him, this will make it possible to make up for the lost volumes of pumping through Nord Stream. As the head of state emphasized, such a decision is economically feasible, and the level of security will be much higher.

Later, at a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin noted that the creation of a hub would allow to calmly regulate the price “on a normal, market level, without any political overtones. As the Turkish leader noted, he and his Russian colleague reached an agreement on this issue, and Europe will be able to receive Russian gas through Turkey.

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