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The British ridiculed Truss, who panicked after Putin's statement

MOSCOW, Oct 31 Daily Mail readers appreciate the behavior of the former prime minister British Minister Liz Truss, who in her final days carefully monitored weather forecasts and wind direction for fear of nuclear war.

“Wow, she's even dumber than she looks!” Luso wondered.
“Poor Liz, she always looked out of touch with reality, worrying about non-existent radiation thousands of miles away,” wrote in the comments.

“Too much time spent looking at maps weather and too little time to think about how much she devastated the kingdom in a matter of days,” another user noted. – Angie ReformUK shared her opinion.
“It's a little worrying that an idiot was in power in the UK, albeit for a short time,” another participant in the discussion mocked.

In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West has crossed every line in its anti-Russian policy and has already launched nuclear blackmail – high-ranking representatives of NATO countries talk about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Moscow. He urged the authors of such statements to take into account that “the wind rose can also turn in their direction.”
At the same time, the Kremlin has repeatedly emphasized that no one is threatened with nuclear weapons, and the conditions for their use are clearly defined by the doctrine of the state. According to the presidential press secretary, Western nuclear rhetoric is a harmful and provocative practice, but Russia does not want to take part in such exercises.

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