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Security forces came to the members of the “Voice” movement from the Chelyabinsk region and Karelia

The security forces came with a search to Yuri Gurman, a member of the council of the Golos movement in the Chelyabinsk region. Gurman's colleague Vitaly Averin told about this in his telegram channel “Averin about elections and not only”.

According to him, the search began at six in the morning. The reason for it was the criminal case of Ivanovo activist and election observer Mikhail Gusev about “discrediting” the army (Article 208.3 of the Criminal Code). Earlier, in connection with his case, members of the “Voice” had already been visited by the security forces.

As Maria Teratsuyants, a member of the movement, told Sota, a search was also carried out in her apartment in Petrozavodsk. The activist herself is in exile, and her friend stayed at home. Now there is no connection with the girl.

The case against Gusev was opened because of a post in his Telegram channel, in which he wrote that he left Russia “because of his unwillingness to join the army of fascists and invaders, which kills peaceful citizens of Ukraine and bombed residential buildings.”

On October 5, security forces searched the homes of people associated with the movement in at least five cities, including Moscow. The police claimed that this was connected with the Gusev case, however, according to Averin, the authorities want to “punish the members of the Voice” movement. for his steadfastness in the fight for fair and free elections.”

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