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Volochkova counted the types of her twines

MOSCOW, 2 Nov. Anastasia Volochkova spoke about the relevance of twine and its types. She shared information about it on her social network.

“Volochkova's slender twine can be different. Horizontal, vertical, parallel, perpendicular. It adorns life and is appropriate in many situations,” the artist said.
In addition, the ballerina noted that it was “developed by years of labor.” She also asked about the opinion of subscribers, but turned off the ability to comment.

Probably, Volochkova's post was a response to the negative feedback from netizens under her twine photos. The artist often showed stretching on the Internet.

"Is there anything other than twine? Or does everything revolve around him?", When will the legs be already together?", "It will be a pity that at some point you spread your legs, but there is no back", " These splits are already disgusting to normal people!" – subscribers were outraged.

Others supported the ballerina and advised her not to pay attention to the negative.

"Nastya, you are smart!", "Well done! She lives as she wants, and does not depend on someone else's opinion", "You look great!", "You are gorgeous!" – reacted the fans of the artist. ?share-block=1828633947″ data-title=”&quot;Nastya, you are smart!&quot;, &quot;Well done! She lives as she wants, and does not depend on someone else opinions&quot;, &quot;You look great!&quot;, &quot;You are gorgeous!&quot; – responded the fans of the artist.”>< br />Earlier, the ballerina left the show “Mask. Dancing”. She revealed that her Owl was exposed early and did not expect to leave after the third issue.

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