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“Became a trio”: the group “Na-Na” lost its soloist

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MOSCOW, 2 Nov. The group “Na-Na” left the soloist Leonid Semidyanov. Now the team will perform as a trio.

"There have been changes in the group. Now there are three soloists on stage: Vladimir Politov, Vyacheslav Zherebkin, Mikhail Igonin", the artists said on their social network.

However, the musicians did not comment on the situation.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to what had happened. Some wanted to know the reason for what happened.

"What's wrong with Semidyanov?", "Where is Leonid?", "What's wrong with him? Please clarify!" subscribers asked.

Others supported the group.

"I will support you in any situation!", "Love in any composition!", "Sorry, but nothing standing still!" – fans wrote.

Earlier, the participants of “Na-Na” spoke about the health of Bari Alibasov after the operation. They reported that the producer was well taken care of.

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