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“A split has begun”: Maria Sheikh revealed the details of the conflict in the group “# 2Masha”

MOSCOW, 3 Nov. Maria Sheikh revealed the details of the conflict in the “#2Masha” team after the start of her solo career.
The singer explained that the disagreement occurred during the first quarantine. Then Maria Zaitseva began her solo career.

"The conflict has been going on for a very long time, and not even a year. For me, the discord happened in the first quarantine. Something went wrong. The solo songs started. Even then, people suspected something was wrong. And not in vain. From there came the split. There was a series of certain events & # 34;, – the artist said in an interview on the channel & # 34; Alena, damn it! & # 34;.

According to her, colleague misbehaved. She invited the Sheikh to sign a document for the right to perform the group's songs solo. This happened on the second day after the release of the performer from intensive care.

“She began to write messages about work, put forward a number of conditions on the second day after resuscitation. These are not jokes. And no one embellishes the story that I am in intensive care. The situation was critical. I was screaming in pain,” the singer shared.
She also said that the document existed for a long time, but the girls did not sign it. They initially dropped the clause about performing solo songs outside of the group. But when Zaitseva sent the Sheikh the contract again, he was present there.

“Initially, they wanted to write documents on cooperation. That the songs are sung in a team. They approved it, but did not sign it. When I got to the hospital, Masha Zaitseva herself offered to sign the document. he can do whatever he wants with songs. Although we initially removed it in the editorial office and agreed that the songs were sung in a team. I had no plans to disperse, “added the artist.
The performer motivated her refusal to sign documents by her desire to work in a team. But after what happened, she decided to be the first to leave him.

“I was ready to work on. I came up with songs for a duet, not for everyone to sing separately. A duet that I believed in. I made this statement that I'm leaving. I take on this responsibility. I'm truly sorry. I don't know How could this be allowed,” Sheikh said.
The group “#2Mashi” broke up in October. The members got into a fight and ended the conversation. They began to resolve legal issues through specialists.

Earlier, Tarasov spoke about the insult to Buzova. The artist refused to cooperate with the ex-husband and announced this publicly.

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