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I played in Ukraine for a penny and wanted to change my last name: Sychevoi – the opening of the RPL


Vladimir Sychevoi – the main discovery of the first round of the championship of Russia. Forward “Orenburg” has already scored 11 goals. In the list of scorers, only Quincy Promes is ahead of him. But Sychevoi should have had more balls – in the 15th round, a teammate simply stole a goal from him.

In the game with Fakel, Sychevoi took the ball with his back to the goal and outplayed the Voronezh goalkeeper with a spectacular heel strike. The ball should have already crossed the goal line when it was finished off by Himmi Marin. None of the Torch players had time to get to the ball, which calmly rolled into an empty net, but the Costa Rican decided to rewrite the goal for himself.

After the match, Vladimir promised to have a tough talk with a teammate: Let's talk to Himmy, he's wrong in this episode.”

Played in Ukraine and received 20 thousand
Surprisingly, Sychevoi made his debut in the top division only this season – at the age of 26 years. Three years ago, he played in the Crimean Championship and could not even imagine that he would be the leader of the RPL scorer race.

Even this season, Sychevoi was not the main forward of Orenburg at the start of the season. After a hat-trick against Ural, Marcel Lichka fired forward only once from the first minutes in the next four matches. But then Vladimir staked out a place in the base and riveted a bunch of goals.

“I used to have game problems. I sprayed too much, ran to the corner flags “But Lichka inspired me that I should always be at the other's goal. I need to act in the penalty area. And it really helped,” Sychevoy admitted.Vladimir believes that he owes his success not only to the coach. The forward is sure that the Lord is helping him. Sychevoi admitted that he is a believer and goes to church every week.

Wants to change his last name
Sychevoi gets into the media headlines not only because of his scoring accomplishments. The story of the marriage proposal made a lot of noise. In the match with Sochi, Vladimir scored a goal at the end of the first half and rushed to the stands to celebrate. There he was immediately given a bouquet and a ring, which he handed to his pleasantly shocked girlfriend."I first thought about it three days before the game. I lay and thought about our relationship, how they are developing, that it is time to reinforce them with something. But I did not expand on this idea, almost no one knew. We also won that match, so everything turned out great", – Vladimir said in an interview with the press service.

The yellow card, which Sychevoi received ten minutes before his goal, gave a special piquancy to the story. According to the rules, the referee of the match had to issue a second warning to the attacker and send him off. But how can a judge with the surname Lyubimov overshadow the holiday? The referee did not remove the groom, after which a ton of criticism was poured on him.

Usually, after the wedding, the girl changes the surname, but in the case of Sychev, everything is different. Recently, the forward admitted that he is considering changing his surname. True, this has nothing to do with the engagement itself. Since childhood, Vladimir was brought up by his stepfather, to whom he wants to express his respect in this way. childhood. His last name is Pisarsky. And I'm thinking about taking his last name. He was my father from early childhood, and I consider him my father. When it will be possible to formalize everything, you will see me with a new name on a T-shirt", Vladimir explained.

Forward admitted that he does not change shirts after matches. The fact is that after the final whistle, he always goes to the rostrum of the Orenburg fans to thank them for their support. I don’t have time to communicate with someone after the matches. Yes, I don’t really know anyone from the RPL, because I’ve been playing here for a very short time, “the forward joked. everyone knows now. If he does not slow down, then very soon he will be in the team much stronger than the modest Orenburg.

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