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Is the model aiming for Formula 1? Beauty from the USA conquers motorsport

American racing driver Lindsey Brewer is considered the most charming girl in motorsport. She recently signed a full contract to support the popular IndyCar series. Will we see her in Formula 1 too?

Not interested in racing until she was 11
Motorsport has always been considered a male-dominated discipline. For a long time in the races there really were no representatives of the fair sex who would be a real competition. A lot has changed since the arrival of Danica Patrick. She performed brilliantly in IndyCar. In the overall standings, Patrick regularly entered the top 10. Under certain circumstances, she could even compete for the title.

Since then, girls with varying success tried their hand at motorsport. It even went so far as to create a separate racing series for women. By the way, a young Russian woman, Irina Sidorkova, also participated there. And now he is tearing up male rivals in Russian competitions. It is likely that the new star of auto racing will be the beauty from the United States, Lindsey Brewer.Surprisingly, until the age of 11, she was not interested in racing at all. Once a friend invited her to a birthday party, where one of the points of entertainment was a karting track. When she was given a small car for rent, everything changed.

Lindsay immediately fell in love with motorsport and began to take it seriously. For five years, she has been participating in various competitions in America and had some success. jpg” />

She got into the legendary motorsport school
After graduating from school, she faced the question – study or racing. Then she made a choice in favor of education and entered the University of San Diego. In 2019, Brewer received a diploma in business. However, the love of racing has not gone away and at some point outweighed the prospects of becoming a financier.After university, Lindsey tried her hand at GT in Las Vegas, finishing in fifth place in the Young Drivers' standings with 30 points. Once she even managed to call on the podium. Another pause had to be taken in 2020, when many races were canceled due to the coronavirus.

However, this did not make the young American reconsider her career plans. A year later, Lindsay became a member of the famous Skip Barber school, which was attended by the legendary Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon, the same Danica Patrick.

Barber helped her get a job in the American TC series, and in 2022 she had a powerful breakthrough in her career. Brewer decided to move into formulas. She tried her hand at testing the main women's racing series W Series, as well as IndyPro 2000.

Of two options, Lindsey chose IndyPro and immediately took eighth place in the first race of the season at the Indianapolis circuit. Then things were not going so well, although she managed to drop into the top 10 once more. She finished the season in 15th place overall with 98 points. ” />

Model or racer?
In October this year, Lindsay announced that she had signed a full contract for next season with one of the best teams in the series called “Exclusive”. At the same time, the American admits that it is sometimes hard for her to feel at home in the men's sport."I am sure that women can do anything if they have a goal. I hope to influence young girls who want to get involved in motorsport. To be honest, they didn't take me seriously at first. People were wondering what kind of model is this, which only does what publishes photos on social networks. They thought I couldn't race. It was disappointing, but all the more she wanted to show what she was capable of", Brewer said in an interview with OK Magazine. and has several million followers on social media. But in all interviews, the American emphasizes that now it is racing in the first place for her. and a performance at the legendary Indianapolis 500. Also, Lindsey can often be seen as a guest at the Formula 1 stages. Of course, getting there is an incredibly ambitious task. Suddenly she will succeed.

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