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The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the development of ties with the Taliban without reference to their recognition

MOSCOW, Nov 2 Moscow develops practical ties with Kabul without binding to the official recognition of the Taliban government (the Taliban * movement is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities), said Zamir Kabulov, special presidential envoy, director of the second Asia department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
“We focus on the practical development of bilateral ties without reference to official recognition new Afghan government. We give priority to trade, economic and humanitarian cooperation,” Kabulov wrote in an article in Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Earlier, the head of the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Trade, Nuriddin Azizi, said in an interview that Kabul wants to reach an agreement by the end of this year on imports from Russia of about 1 million tons of gasoline and the same amount of diesel.

According to him, Afghanistan as a whole intends to increase the supply of oil and oil products from friendly countries, including from Ro
Commenting on these negotiations, Kabulov noted that “substantive agreements have been reached on the sale of diesel fuel to Afghans, negotiations are underway on the supply of wheat and other agricultural products.”
Russia has delivered about 165 tons of humanitarian cargo to Kabul, he concluded.< br>* The Taliban are under UN sanctions for terrorist activities

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