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The US will try to stop the “delivery of weapons” from the DPRK to Russia, said the State Department

WASHINGTON Nov 2 opportunities to disrupt arms transfers allegedly coming from the DPRK to the Russian Federation and calling for intervention by countries with leverage over the North Korean authorities, State Department spokesman Ned Price said. Earlier Wednesday, National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said that North Korea allegedly supplies Russia with a “significant number” of artillery shells for use in Ukraine. Back in September, the North Korean Ministry of Defense denied such reports, stating that the DPRK did not supply and does not have plans to supply weapons or ammunition to Russia, as the United States claims, and unfounded accusations are designed to undermine the image of Pyongyang.

“Exactly so just as we use every opportunity and will use every opportunity to counter Iranian arms transfers to Russia, we will do the same with regard to arms transfers from the DPRK to Russia.There are existing sanctions mechanisms, we will look at additional tools and powers that could would be involved,” Price said at a media briefing.

The US authorities claim that the DPRK is allegedly disguising ammunition destined for Russia as supplies to North Africa and the Middle East.
” We will continue to explore the possibilities of holding the DPRK accountable not only for its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs, but also for its continued supply of weapons to Russia,” he said. Price.
“We believe that countries around the world and especially countries that have leverage over the regime in the DPRK that the United States does not have, all responsible countries and, of course, permanent members of the UN Security Council, should fully apply sanctions that the Security Council itself unanimously agreed upon,” he added.

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