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Antonov commented on the possible outcome of the US midterm elections

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 4 — .< /strong> The “Russophobic consensus” in the US Congress will continue after the midterm elections, although Moscow is ready to work with Washington, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov suggested.

"It would be naïve", Antonov told reporters.

Embassy would be ready for a change in the mood of the legislators, the diplomat noted, adding that Moscow is ready to talk only on an equal basis, taking into account its national interests.

“We are ready for such a situation, there are no problems on our part to resume contacts any line, but running after the Americans, begging them: “Let's meet, let's talk”, we, of course, will not,” the ambassador emphasized.

According to the diplomats, “today a consensus has been unequivocally formed in the Congress on the “toxicity of Russians”, which hinders parliamentary relations in any form, Antonov explained.

"It is supposedly impossible to talk to us. Moreover, all the deputies and all the senators are on the sanctions lists, they do not even want to talk to them through non-governmental organizations. This is rather sad", the diplomat said.

The Russian ambassador said he was trying to establish contacts with the leadership of the Senate and the lower house, however, there was either no answer at all, or they were an indication that in the current conditions such contacts are not needed by the United States Now the embassy agrees that “whoever wins the elections, this Russophobic consensus will remain,” he added he.

In the United States on November 8 will be the main day of voting in the midterm elections to both houses of the US Congress. They will elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 35 out of 100 senators. In the state of New York, among other things, the election of the governor will be held.

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