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Melnik got nasty to the leader of the faction in the Bundestag

MOSCOW, 6 Nov. Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik got nasty to the leader of the SPD parliamentary faction Rolf Mützenich, responding to the German politician's statement that the Ukrainian government had put him on the “list of terrorists”.
On Saturday, Mützenich said at a discussion congress in Berlin that Kyiv made this decision because it offered a diplomatic solution to the conflict and advocated a ceasefire. The parliamentarian said that he received threats. Mützenich complained about the discrimination against those who advocate the settlement of the situation in Ukraine.

"Mimimi. "List of terrorists" Ukrainian government does not exist. Stop presenting yourself as "an innocent victim", Melnyk replied to him on Twitter.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denied that the leader of the SPD parliamentary faction, Rolf Mutzenich, was included in the “list of terrorists”.

Melnik became famous for his provocative statements, which more than once caused a wide public outcry. So, he called Chancellor Olaf Scholz “offended liver sausage”, stated that the Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera was a “freedom fighter” and denied his involvement in the massacres of Poles, and more than once demanded that Berlin actively arm Kyiv.


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