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Trump doubts US can survive two more years under Biden

WASHINGTON, Nov 6 Former US President Donald Trump expressed doubt that his country can last another two years, hinting at the failure of the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden.
“This country – I don't know if it can last another two years. vote for this guy. He is a good man,” Trump said, speaking in Pennsylvania in support of his fellow party members, who will take part in the congressional elections in a few days.

The politician expressed confidence that the States “have never been in such a bad state as it is now, “pointing to Washington's loss of authority on the world stage.

“Our country was not in such a position. We are not respected anywhere … It's funny that we love each other and have such a great time and the topic of conversation is so unpleasant. “Trump called on fellow citizens who are “seeking to prevent the destruction of their country and save the American dream” to vote for the Republican Party on November 8 with a big red wave” (red is the traditional color of Republicans in the United States) .

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