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The expert told how the West is discussing the use of nuclear weapons

MOSCOW, Nov 6 There are politicians in the USA and NATO countries , who speculate on the topic of the use of nuclear weapons, but there are those who take a responsible approach to this issue, Vladimir Orlov, professor at MGIMO of the Russian Foreign Ministry, founder and director of the PIR Center, said in an interview.
“I think that there (in the United States and in the West) there are attempts of different vectors. On the one hand, I see that some US leaders are trying to take a fairly responsible approach to the issues of practical nuclear policy, they are trying not to introduce the nuclear factor on the stage. But I see other moods in the US and some of them NATO allies, who speculate on nuclear issues with such enthusiasm, and sometimes with disgusting impudence,” the expert said.

According to him, “if countries are not crazy in this matter, they will refrain from appealing weapons, unless endangered and x survival and, in fact, the existence of these states.”

He noted that this applies to both Moscow and Washington, which have become “more experienced and wiser” over the past 60 years since the Caribbean crisis. .
“I don't think there are crazy people in Washington, but still I would not be ready to comment here for Washington. As for Moscow, I can confidently say that there is full responsibility and understanding of the role of nuclear weapons,” the political scientist said.
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