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Artem Molchanov became mayor of Yaroslavl

YAROSLAVL, 7 Nov. Deputies of the City Duma of Yaroslavl elected the mayor of the city by voting Deputy Prime Minister of the region Artem Molchanov, a correspondent reports.
On Monday, a meeting was held in the municipality (city duma) of Yaroslavl, at which a competition for the post of mayor was held. The deputies heard seven candidates, after which an open vote took place.

“According to the results of voting, Molchanov Artem Vladimirovich was elected mayor of the city of Yaroslavl, who received the majority of votes according to the established number of deputies,” said the head of the municipality, Sergei Kalinin.
He congratulated Molchanov on his election and wished him success in his work, calling it difficult.

In May of this year, Mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Volkov announced his resignation due to a transfer to another job. Soon, acting Deputy mayor for socio-economic development of the city Ilya Motovilov was appointed mayor. The authorities reported that the new mayor would be elected on a competitive basis, and he would be elected by deputies in the new composition of the municipality (City Duma), which would be elected in September. The City Duma elections were held on September 9-11.
On November 2, before the meeting of the municipality, the agenda of which included the issue of appointing a competition for the post of mayor, acting. Mayor Motovilov announced that he was leaving his post, and later left it.

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