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The court dismissed the case of “fake” about the army against the Novosibirsk student

The Central District Court of Novosibirsk dismissed the criminal case on “fakes” about the army against eleventh-grader Yevgeny Fokin. This was reported by the lawyer of the Network Freedoms project Yegor Solunin, Fokin himself confirmed the information to Mediazone. Ukraine Mikhailo Podolyak in the telegram chat “Coalition Novosibirsk 2020”. The report spoke of the killing of civilians during the capture of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by Russian troops.

Fokin pleaded not guilty. Several linguistic examinations confirmed that the student's message did not contain allegations of the murder of civilians, but only a call to discuss this news.

The court ordered the teenager to be under the supervision of his mother until December 7 from 22 pm to 6 am.

The case against Fokin was opened in April. Despite this, he continued to write complaints about banners and streamers in Novosibirsk that violated the city's design code. For example, after his appeals, the authorities removed the United Russia banner in the city center and the ZA WORLD LABOR MAY banner. The latter was then replaced with the banner “ZA RUSSIA! NOVOSIBIRSK IS ZA A WORLD WITHOUT NAZISM”.

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