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Court in Vladimir banned several instructions on how not to fall under mobilization

Leninskiy District Court of Vladimir at the request of the military prosecutor blocked three instructions on how not to get mobilized. The Vladimir publication Argument drew attention to the October 20 decision.

The instructions were on the mirror of the Russian service of the Moscow Times, on the website of the Kazakhstani edition of the New Times and on the Ispovedi.com website.

According to The court also banned the news of the Azerbaijani publication Media.az with the announcement of actions against mobilization in Russia and a selection of photos from protests from a LiveJournal user.

“Materials in which citizens are provided with instructions on how to evade mobilization, < …> information that misleads citizens regarding the legality of the actions of the leadership of the Russian Federation in carrying out mobilization measures, harms the interests of the Russian Federation and is prohibited <…>, and therefore is subject to restriction, ”the decision says.

Media.az and New Times have removed controversial articles, the post on LiveJournal is also unavailable. The Ispovedi.com article, the author of which suggested “stop trusting the authorities,” was blocked at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and not because of a court decision. The rest of the sites have not yet been added to the register of banned sites by Roskomnadzor.

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