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The person involved in the “Tyumen case” said that he slandered himself because of torture and threats of rape

Anti-fascist from Tyumen, Kirill Brik, arrested on charges of making an explosive device and participating in a terrorist community, spoke about torture and the threat of rape during detention. The text of his survey by his lawyer was posted by the support group of the defendants in the case. />Article“A rubber baton and a stool leg were taken out from behind the cupboard.” The anti-fascist accused in the “Tyumen case” spoke about torture in the police department

Brik and five other anti-fascists were detained in late August and early September in Tyumen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg. All of them were sent to pre-trial detention center No. 1 in Tyumen. On the night of November 1-2, the men were unexpectedly transferred to the pre-trial detention center of Zavodoukovsk, 100 kilometers from the regional center. Before that, Brik managed to visit the lawyer Yevgeny Girv.

According to a lawyer's questioning, on August 30, Deniz Aidyn, another person involved in the “Tyumen case”, was detained in the district of TPP-2 in Tyumen by employees of the teaching staff in civilian clothes. According to Brik, one of the employees hit him several times on the head with the “back of the hand” during the delivery to the Operative Investigative Unit (ORCH). The torture continued already there.

“I was handcuffed behind my back. Then they put a sheet of A-4 paper all over my face and wrapped it around my head with tape, as a result of which I was unable to see anyone and it was impossible to breathe normally in the absence of air and the release of copious amounts of sweat that got into my eyes ”, — said Brick lawyer.

According to the anti-fascist, he was required to confess to making an explosive device and “engaging in terrorist activities.” At the same time, they twisted the joints of his hands and beat him on the head. Brik said that he had slandered himself because of threats of rape.

“Then one of the employees approached me and demanded that I give evidence during interrogation by the investigator on the fact that I and Aydin D. BUT. jointly manufactured an explosive device to blow up railway tracks in the city of Tyumen, and also intend to transfer another explosive device to the city of Yekaterinburg with a similar purpose. <…> When I began to resist, he told me that if I did not say this, he would insert a handle or a handle from a mop into my anus. As a result of this, I agreed to give the testimony indicated by him, ”said the anti-fascist.

Other defendants in the “Tyumen case” also reported about torture – Roman Paklin, Deniz Aidyn, Yuri Neznamov. According to investigators, anti-fascists held secret meetings for a year and discussed scenarios for overthrowing the government.

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