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A batch of UAVs allegedly sent to Russia was detained in Italy, media reported

ROME, Nov 8 UAVs that were allegedly intended for Russia, writes the newspaper la Repubblica.
The shipment reached Italy in May: according to la Repubblica, citing investigators, the Russian authorities “attempted to import military components” from the United States through Italy. We are talking about a batch of reconnaissance vehicles that ended up in the port of the city of Gioia Tauro in several containers. There they were blocked by local customs and the Financial Guard, which is the force behind the Ministry of Finance.

“The official final destination was Qatar, where they were to be used for the World Cup. But it is not clear if Qatar was the real destination.” destination before the shipment was delivered to the Russian military,” writes la Repubblica. The newspaper speculates that the containers, having left the Italian port, could be delivered to Syria with the GPS beacons turned off, from where they would be transferred to Russia.

The publication writes that the American side sent an investigation team to Italy to clarify all the circumstances of history. The American operatives who arrived in Italy will work with the prosecutor's office of the city of Palmi and Fingvardia for two days. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been informed about the situation.

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