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Aspen among oaks. Russia's most underrated figure skater loses again

In Kazan, the singles competition at the next stage of the Russian Grand Prix ended: Kamila Valieva became the first, Veronika Yametova – the second, bronze from Ksenia Sinitsyna. Regardless of the points, judging only by the performances, by the combination of factors, Camila was really the strongest of all – even despite the fall from the quadruple sheepskin coat. Veronika, with her stability and disarming confidence, probably also deserved the second place, especially after the offensive fourth at the last stage. It turns out that Sinitsyna's rivals were stronger? We can agree with this, but the gap in scores and the scores themselves are still shocking. Especially if you carefully look at the rentals.

The head coach of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team, Irina Viner, likes to repeat one phrase about the level of competition and the conditions for growing champions – oak grows among oaks. This is primarily about the fact that it is important for athletes to see strong rivals. Otherwise, there is no daily incentive to run faster for maces, jump out into the “ring” more strongly and selflessly do “pumping” – a set of exercises to maintain shape, which a rare special forces fighter will master. But besides this, there is another important meaning in the metaphor with an oak alley – the oaks growing nearby are equal. No one takes away from another the sun's rays necessary for a wide canopy, does not push another out of the ground with its titanium-strong roots, does not overshadow and does not stand in the shade. A level playing field is what is needed for real progress.

So the aspen languishes without sun and love, like any living creature. Few people know about it and notice it. Only connoisseurs pay tribute to the velvet palm of the leaves, the unique voice of the crown and the flexible body.

All these images of young Prishvin in love arise in my head when you watch Ksenia Sinitsyna skating. In an absolutely inconceivable way, this girl grew up in our environment, which does not encourage choreographic individuality, the way she grew up – with the moonlight that came from Kuindzhi's painting, the half-smile of the Mona Lisa, the xylophone from The Nutcracker.

img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/caf3fc4e559d55cdf803c114ec744533.jpg” “. In general, people with very different levels of plastic training take Tchaikovsky to skate. Someone pulls it out thanks to the pressure and energy, the other is quite sweeping and clean, and the third gets stuck between the great measures, like in a swamp, completely without getting into accents and mood.

Ksenia has a real romance with the music of Pyotr Ilyich – if, of course, eyewitnesses can read and listen. Here the hands repeat the main melody. Here the teeth of the ridge step in time with the keyboard modulations. Pauses, poses, posture, even a look from under the eyelashes – it is not known whether it is possible, in principle, to treat the classics more delicately and more accurately than Ksenia Sinitsyna.

For the mere choice of music for the free program (Bach/Marcello concerto in D minor performed by the Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili), Xenia and her coaching staff already want to express great respect. Maria Kasumova, who staged this program, opened a new piece of music for many and showed all the best sides of the figure skater in it. It is so divine that it seems even ahead of its time. As if we don't deserve this kind of art.

And when the judges give Ksenia Sinitsyna the third components of the Grand Prix in Kazan – 11 points less than Kamila Valieva, and a little less than Veronika Yametova, it just looks ridiculous. There is a feeling that they are trying to open a large tarpaulin dome over the aspen. Camouflage raincoat. So that no one notices her and does not think that she deserves attention, light and love no less than golden-haired oaks.

Ksenia's career in single skating is difficult. Of the difficulties, in addition to the general problems with the coronavirus and the removal of Russia from international competitions, there are also personal health problems and judicial blindness in relation to her. Another would have said goodbye to the sport a long time ago, but she still continues to skate. It is known that Sinitsyna tried to switch to pair skating this summer: it did not work out. I don’t know what this means for her, but for us it means one thing – there will be more than one work of art in her performance. But give the aspen the sun – the oaks will not lose from this.

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