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Wiener did not become a favorite: the gymnast left Russia for the sake of Paris

On Monday, November 7, there was information about the possible transition under the German flag of the medalist of international competitions in rhythmic gymnastics Anastasia Simakova. tells the story of a gymnast.

18-year-old Anastasia Simakova was born in Omsk, known throughout the world for its strongest gymnastics school. From there, for example, Irina Chashchina, who would have become an Olympic champion, was born if she hadn’t had a share to perform in the era of Alina Kabaeva. The great Evgenia Kanaeva is from Omsk.

Omsk gymnasts stand out for their plasticity and intellectual outlook on their sport, their fine work with the apparatus. The local school is also strong in its traditions – young athletes dream of being like their countrywomen-champions. When little Nastya came to the gym at the age of 4, Evgenia Kanaeva just won the first Olympic gold. In general, when choosing an idol, Nastya didn’t have much choice – everything was clear anyway. in Novogorsk and is listed in the national team – from Omsk she had to move to Moscow. />

Considering that Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums, who raised both Chashchina and Kanaeva, became Anastasia's personal trainer, Simakova had all the prerequisites to become one of the primaries of the national team and Viner's favorites. And, probably, even qualify for participation in the Olympics in Paris 2024 – in Tokyo, the positions of the Averin sisters were unshakable.Great success awaited Anastasia at the first World Junior Championships in the summer of 2019. She was fourteen when she won gold in the team all-around and became the best in the rope exercise for the song “Smuglyanka”. One of the best exercises of the season, very musical and dynamic, with an accurate image transfer. Then it seemed that this was a brilliant debut with a promising continuation, and then the career would go uphill. But the breakthrough did not work, and a year later a pandemic broke out. The gymnasts had no opportunities to prove themselves – almost all international tournaments were canceled or inaccessible to Russians. Anastasia overcame internal competition in the country with difficulty. The best result can be considered bronze in the final with a ribbon at the Russian Championship – 2020. And this exercise for the song “Anastasia” is another visiting card of Simakova.

Anastasia's best international achievement in recent times can be considered bronze in 2021 year in the all-around at the Grand Prix in Marbella and silver in the ball exercise in the same place. After these competitions, Simakova did not perform anywhere.

If the gymnast really decided to change sports citizenship, her motivation is easy to understand. She is now 18 years old – the heyday in this sport. Special successes and prospects within Russia are not guaranteed. The competition is still fierce. Only now there will be no opportunity to compete in serious competitions for Russia in the foreseeable future due to the suspension of our team. A girl who devoted her whole life to rhythmic gymnastics saves her own career.

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