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Kirov deputy proposed to check officials on a polygraph

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Nov 8 test on a lie detector once a year to find out the predisposition to corruption schemes, said the deputy of the Kirov City Duma Denis Erokhin.
“When we accept people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the FSB, a prerequisite is the passage of a polygraph. Why can't the officials who are responsible for the budget take a polygraph? .. We are talking about at least the head of administration, deputy head of administration, heads of departments and departments – those people who theoretically can participate in lobbying someone's interests or other corruption schemes. The polygraph will show this,” Erokhin told the agency.

In his opinion, if the official refuses take a lie detector test, he should be fired. As an analogy, Erokhin gave an example of drivers who are deprived of their rights if they refuse to take a medical certificate.
The deputy, who represents the LDPR faction in the Kirov City Duma, said that he had first applied with such a proposal to a member of the competition commission, which at the end of October considered candidates for the post of head of the city administration. However, Erokhin's proposal was rejected.
Erokhin, who is sitting in the city duma for the second convocation in a row, said that he had outlived more than one head of the Kirov administration and considered his proposal timely and very relevant. “Not a single head of administration in our country works out a full term – everyone leaves with criminal cases or corruption scandals. Be it Dmitry Osipov (an official convicted of nepotism was dismissed in August – ed.), or Ilya Shchulgin (in July he was sentenced to 3 suspended for a year in the case of abuse of power in the supply of low-quality special equipment for photo and video recording of traffic rules, as a result of which damage was caused by 21 million rubles – ed.) … At least when appointing the head of the city administration, introduce a norm about a polygraph. And if not all employees , then at least the key ones need to be checked,” Erokhin said.
He added that polygraph checks for officials should be done everywhere. “And, ideally, to accept it at the State Duma level: if you want to work in a municipal, public service, take a polygraph,” the deputy of the Kirov City Duma emphasized.

Erokhin also said that he was ready to pass a lie detector test himself, although aspires to public service. “But for everything connected with my deputy activity, I am ready to answer – sincerely and honestly. I have nothing to hide,” he said.

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