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NY Post ridiculed Trump for failed congressional elections

WASHINGTON, Nov 11 America's leading conservative newspaper, the New York Post , who sympathizes with the Republican Party and former US President Donald Trump, on Wednesday ridiculed the politician for what many consider to be inconclusive results of the congressional elections. as a burden on the Republicans and thought about the prospects of the party if Trump decides to compete for the presidency in 2024.

In response, the newspaper published on its cover a satirical image of Trump in the form of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall. Comparing him to a famous children's character, the publication wonders if the entire Republican army can now reassemble their party? together?” the newspaper asks under an image of an angry Trump with outstretched hands and a disproportionately large head.
On Tuesday, mid-term congressional elections were held in the United States, the results of the vote have not yet been summed up, but according to media forecasts, the Republicans will have a majority in the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy, the current Republican Minority Leader, said the same thing. US President Joe Biden on the eve expressed hope that the Democrats would have a chance to take the majority of the seats in the House. The election of the speaker of the chamber will depend on the division of seats, respectively, the head of the losing faction will take the position of the leader of the minority.

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