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The Ministry of Justice proposed to publish the addresses and details of the passports of “foreign agents”

The Ministry of Justice has published draft documents on the procedure for maintaining registers of “foreign agents” and people affiliated with them. SOTA drew attention to this.

1ArticleOne ​​country, one law, one registry. The State Duma intends to change the law on “foreign agents” – it will become even easier to get such a label

On December 1, a new law on “foreign agents” will come into force in Russia. It will unite into one list of participants all currently existing registries“foreign agents”, will simplify the criteria for obtaining the status, and will also introduce a new register of “individuals affiliated with foreign agents.”

Among the data that the Ministry of Justice proposed to publish about participants in the registers, including their name , date of birth, TIN, passport data and “information about the address of the place of residence”. For unregistered associations, it was proposed to give the names of their members.

As part of another law adopted on the same day as amended on “foreign agents”, the Ministry of Justice will create a register of participants in organizations recognized as terrorist or extremist. It will also contain passport data and addresses, but the register will not be published on the Internet.

Data from there will be transferred to election commissions upon request: before the recognition of the Anti-Corruption Fund and Alexei Navalny’s headquarters as “extremist” in 2021, deputies politicians associated with such organizations were banned from participating in elections.

Referring to this decision, the election commissions refused to register Navalny's associates and other oppositionists for elections to the State Duma and other levels of government.

The last register has nothing to do with “list of terrorists and extremists” maintained by Rosfinmonitoring. All three lists will be prepared by the Department of the Ministry of Justice for “protection of national interests from external influence.”

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